Alien Plant Removal Morning – Saturday 17 August 2013

Date: Saturday 17 August 2013
Time: 8:00 – 11:00
Where: Faerie Glen Nature Reserve main entrance
Who: Anybody is welcome!
RSVP: Please email or SMS of you plan to attend

What to bring:
– Lopper (takskêr)
– Pruning shears (snoeiskêr)
– Gardening gloves
– Sun hat
– Long sleeved old clothes and closed shoes for working in the field
– Something to drink while working
– Food and drink for the picnic afterwards

FFGNR will provide:
– Herbicide and paint brushes
– Plastic gloves for working with herbicides


Our primary target will be Lantana (picture above), a category 1 invasive species requiring compulsory control. Stems are to be cut short using a lopper (long handle garden scissors) followed by the application of herbicide to the cut stems. Small plants can be cut using pruning shears (secateurs). These are thorny bushes therefore gardening gloves and long sleeves are a must. The formation of teams, consisting of 1 herbicide painter and 1 or more cutters is the most efficient method in the eradication of alien invaders.

Clearing will be done starting from the north-west corner of the reserve, i.e. we will start by taking the concrete pathway up and over the hill.

Please refer to this PDF for more information on Lantana: Lantana Control Recommendations

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