Pompom hack with Friends of Colbyn Valley

Friends of Colbyn Valley, in association with the ARC, WRC, the South African Wetland Society and WETREST, invites you to take part in a ‘POMPOM HACK’ in celebration ofWorld Wetlands Day 2014. Please see attached poster for the full invitation. Pompom weed is invading the Colbyn Wetland, and on Saturday 15 February volunteers will help to curb this invasion by removing the flowers and plants and taking part in the first release of biocontrol agents for pompom weed in this wetland.

Before the ‘hack’ begins alien plant and wetland experts will introduce participants to some basics on wetland functioning, invasive plants and biocontrol, and the ‘hack’ will end with a bring&braai at the Scout Hall. In the afternoon, a Wetland Basics field-course for children will be presented by wetland specialist Piet-Louis Grundling. This is a great opportunity for your kids to gain some hands-on wetland knowledge. (The target age range for the course is 8–13, but adults are also very welcome.)

Here is the official invite: pompom hack invite

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