Construction problems looming at Bronberg Ridge

We have received many complaints regarding the construction of a house (tower) that is being constructed adjacent to the reserve on top of the hill. An article was recently published in the Eastern Times that summarizes the situation: 

House on koppie

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1 Response to Construction problems looming at Bronberg Ridge

  1. Jo-Mey Dreyer says:

    Keeping the FGNR inviolate has become a fulltime battle. Why must these developers always try to push the boundaries as far as they can get away with it??.

    I live in Glenwood Road (on the southern border of the reserve), and it is a year or two since I first noticed a building breaking the skyine to the east of Renosterkop. Since then the nights have been shattered by a powerful floodlight, presumably on top of the building. I now notice new buildings going up on the northern side of the berg, all of which are obtruding onto the skyine as seen from the south. To my knowledge all development on the northern side is restricted to remaining below the skyline.

    During the early 2000’s there was a tough battle to keep greedy developers from erecting a 6-star luxuty hotel and casino with a theme park. Thank God, that was stayed, but how long before the assault on the renewed with the argument that it will create jobs and bring prosperity. Chances are that there will always be a coucillor or 2 who would be willing to support such an application for a small consideration.

    The burden on the Friends to keep our little nature reserve safe from these onslaughts is tremendous, and they need all the support they can get. They get no remuneration for their time and efforts, but they are passionate about preserving our natural heritage for generations to come. Residents in the East who care should demonstrate their support by joining the Friends and getting involved by offering their gifts, talents, construtive ideas etc. in the fight against this relentless encroachment.

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