Newsletter: Game in FGNR – Past and Present

Download the newsletter in PDF format here:

English version: Game in FGNR – Past and Present
Afrikaanse weergawe: Wild in FGNR – Verlede en Hede

Humans, pets and game share FGNR

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1 Response to Newsletter: Game in FGNR – Past and Present

  1. Jo-Mey Dreyer says:

    I have been involved with FFGNR for many years, and I would like to commend the current management committee, especially Jaco and Louise, for their excellent work, and the high standard of their communications to members. Could be that the advent of social media such as facebook and twitter has helped to facilitate the dialogue. However, it still takes effort and research to bring out newsletters of such quality.

    On the question of possible ways of escape, I would like to mention that a few years ago we discovered porcupines in the drainage system of our complex, Sanglen, across Glenwood Road from the reserve. We presumed that there was possibly an entrance to our drains from inside the park, and the resident nearest the drain cover where we saw the animals, was going to inform the CoT. I have no idea whether this was ever investigated, and whether these animals still appear in our drains, as I live on the other side of the complex. The owner of the unit (79) where the animals were seen, is Frans Naude, and according to my records his contact number is 012 348 8512.

    Best regards
    Jo-Mey Dreyer

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