Friends’ bridge requires urgent repairs


The Friends’ bridge in Faerie Glen Nature Reserve requires some urgent structural intervention. The river has eroded nearly all the earth around the centre foundation, and a bridge collapse is likely with the first heavy rains in Spring.

We consulted with the Friends’ engineers who has drawn up a detailed structural and procedural plan for moving the centre foundation pair and adding the necessary additional supports to carry the longer span. Should we not be able to find a sponsor the Friends of Faerie Glen Nature Reserve will make the funding available for materials and/or labour.

We do however need your help to execute the repairs. This is a small construction job for a contractor, but a big job if we try to do this ourselves over many weekends.

1) Do you perhaps know of somebody with the necessary skills, tools and/or transport who can assist voluntarily or for a small fee?

2) If we do have to do the repairs ourselves, would you be willing to assist with transport, tools and/or labour on a weekend?

We have to redo FFGNR signboards before and after the bridge which offers an ideal opportunity to thank and advertise potential sponsors.


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