2016 FFGNR AGM Invite

The Friends of Faerie Glen Nature Reserve Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 19 October 2016 at 18:00 at the NG Church Faerie Glen located at 429 Glenwood Avenue, Faerie Glen, Pretoria. http://www.ngfaerieglen.co.za/

Please submit any nominations for committee members to admin@fgnr.co.za no later than 13 October 2016.

Also, please submit any topics to be added to the agenda no later than 13 October 2016.

Anyone is welcome to attend, but only paid up members will be allowed to vote on matters concerning the Friends. The proxy form (for paid up FFGNR members) can be emailed or faxed until 24 hours before the AGM, or alternatively handed in at the AGM.

1. Welcome
2. Report by the chairman including recognition of assistance provided to FFGNR
3. Financial report
4. Proposed null membership fee increase for 2017
5. Proposed amendments to the constitution (current version available at About Us)
6. Election of committee and chairman
7. Banning of dogs in 2017 (Tshwane Nature Conservation has been invited and they will be able explain the history and decision)
8. Other topics submitted by 13 October 2016

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