FGNR Dog Permits

A court order was granted to have dog-walkers and their dogs return to the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve. Although this is good news for dog-walkers, ill-disciplined dog-walkers cannot return to their old ways of allowing their dogs to run off leash and leaving dog excreta behind in the reserve.

Dog-walkers will first have to apply for a dog permit from City of Tshwane Nature Conservation before they can return to the FGNR with their dogs. Please find links to the relevant application form, conditions and procedure below. There are currently no fees payable for the permit.

Please note that the Friends group will not be involved with the administration of the dog permits. Permit forms can be obtained, handed in and permits collected from the cashier at the Reserve.

The Friends do however offer dog-walkers a plastic bag for dog excreta free of charge, which is available next to the cashier’s window.

We urge permit-holding dog-walkers to comply with the by-laws on public amenities of keeping one’s dog on leash at all times and removing dog excreta. Those that do not comply may have their permits recalled and by-law fines are also applicable.

Application for dog permit
Conditions of application for a dog permit
Procedure for applying for a dog permit

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