2018/2019 Dog Permit Renewal

The amended dog permit application form as received from CoT Nature Conservation (along with the conditions and procedure) in order to renew your dog permit from 1 July 2018 has been linked below.  Please note that CoT is instating a dog permit fee, payable from 1 July, with R60 per individual permit (maximum of two dogs) or R120 per family permit (maximum of four dogs and four family members that must be older than 16). Also note that for a family permit, each individual family member must complete the application form (tick the appropriate box on form) and hand in the associated documents.  It is advisable to staple the forms together when submitting the family permit application at the reserve.

Please note that we do not administer the dog permits, this is solely administered by CoT Nature Conservation.  Permit fees must be paid at the cashier point at the reserve when handing in the form with the associated documentation.  Forms sent via e-mail will not be accepted.

Old permits will temporarily remain valid during July until the new permits are ready for those that renewed their permits.

Conditions of application for permit
Application for dog permit FGNR
Procedure for applying for permit

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