Bioblitz City Nature Challenge 2021 on Sunday 2 May

Join us on Sunday 2 May at 10:00 in taking part in the Bioblitz City Nature Challenge 2021 along with other cities around the world to find and identify wildlife in Tshwane on Sunday 2 May 2021.

We will meet on the lawn of the main entrance of the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve.  Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat and water. 

Over 300 cities worldwide, including five others in SA, will try to find and record the most wildlife over a four day period (30 April – 3 May) by taking photos of as many wild and natural animals, plants, trees, birds, fungi, insects etc (not caged animals, pets, plants planted by people) as possible and submit them, using the iNaturalist app on their smart phones.  The information collected will create a valuable snapshot of Tshwane’s biodiversity.

All you need to do is download the iNaturalist app on your smart phone to take part in the Bioblitz.  Below are self-service video links as to help familiarise yourself and to navigate the iNaturalist app:

o   What are observations?

o   How to make an observation with your iPhone

o   How to make an observation with your Android

o   Adding an Observation on a Mobile Device

o   Adding an Observation via the Web

o   How to Take Identifiable Photos

o   How to Use the Identify Page

o   Geotagging DSLR Photos in the Field

o   Duplicating an Observation

o   Adding a photo or sound to an Observation

o   Exploring Observations with iNaturalist

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