Dog Permits

Please note that the Friends group is not involved with the administration, issuing or payment of  CoT Nature Conservation dog permits.

You need to physically take your (1) application form, (2) copy of ID and (3) ID photo to the reserve.  Hand the documentation to the cashier and pay the permit fee in cash.  Someone from CoT Nature Conservation’s admin office then collects the form from the reserve and processes the application where after the permit is delivered at the reserve.  You are not informed when it is ready, although CoT Nature Conservation commits to produce the permit within 3 working days.

The Friends do however offer dog-walkers a plastic bag for dog excreta free of charge, which is available next to the cashier’s window.

We urge permit-holding dog-walkers to comply with the by-laws on public amenities of keeping one’s dog on leash at all times and removing dog excreta. Those that do not comply may have their permits recalled and by-law fines are also applicable.

Dog permit fees has been updated on 1 July 2019, with R70 per individual permit (maximum of two dogs) and R140 per family permit (maximum of four dogs and four family members that must be older than 16). Also note that for a family permit, each individual family member must complete the application form (tick the appropriate box on form) and hand in the associated documents.

Your dog permit is valid for 1 calendar year (12 months) from the date of application and it is your responsibility to renew it before the end of the calendar year.

Application for dog permit FGNR